Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is an almost pure Indica hybrid that before 1998 was a a clone only strain bred by the Breeder’s Choice Organization. The strain shows it’s Indica dominance by inducing a lazy couch-lock that can be too powerful for inexperienced users; sending them off to bed rather quickly. Simultaneously it will send waves of euphoric happiness and possibly the strongest case of ‘munchies’ users have experienced. Accompanying the usual negative suspects of bloodshot eyes and cotton mouth, are dizziness and paranoia. Some users of this strain have also reported experiencing headaches 2-3 hours after use.

Thanks to the Indica properties of this strain is it great for relieving chronic aches and pains such as those caused by multiple sclerosis or cancer. Bubba Kush is also a great choice for those that deal with endless nights of insomnia for the same reasons. It is also used as evening medication for those suffering from stress and anxiety disorders. And because of its hunger inducing attributes it is also used to help those with nausea, vomiting and anorexia.

Bubba Kush was originally a cross between an OG Kush (Indica) and a father that is the cross of West Coast Dog (Indica) and Old World Kush (Indica). The pre-1998 strain was clone only but has since been selectively bred to produce feminized seeds. Several other strains have appeared under the same name, all of which use the original Bubba Kush name.