OG Kush

OG Kush is, for the most part, a hybrid but may lean slightly Indica or Sativa depending on how it is bred.

The effects you’ll notice are more cerebral than body, however, and will deliver strong feelings of euphoria. It is most often described as a very happy high but with the happiness comes a heavy “couchlock” especially for novice users or when using high doses.

The strain does retain a good body numbing effect that can alleviate body ailments. Many users use it as a night time medication or in the evenings due to the powerful, sleepy, trance-like high.

Due to the euphoric properties of OG Kush’s ‘high’ it is often used to help with depression and bi-polar disorders. Those suffering from extreme stress, anxiety and anger management issues due to a depression-related disorder or PTSD can find balance and peace under the influence of this strain.

Some choose to use it to cope with their nausea and stomach disorders; or to alleviate chronic aches and pains. Sufferer’s of Alzheimer’s also make OG Kush their strain of choice. Though there are users that report having headaches from OG Kush others use it to actually ease their chronic headaches and/or migraines. It is also used to help patients suffering from nervous conditions.

Other than dry mouth and eyes, user may experience paranoia and dizziness. Some users have also reported OG Kush giving them headaches.